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Joe Smart

My review was blocked so I’ll need to post my comment here. I have this program on two computers and tried to upscale a good quality DVD rip to HD. After a day of processing I ended up with files that essentially looked exactly the same as the original. I think DVDFab isn’t being entirely honest about hardware requirements. Topaz is the gold standard for this type of program and neither of my computers meet the minimum requirements to run it. The GPU in the living room computer is compatible but the CPU isn’t because Pentium and Celeron processors lack a capability necessary for AI Video Enhancement. The CPU on the bedroom computer is a Xenon processor that is compatible but the GPU isn’t compatible with Topaz. It’s possible DVDFab Enlarger AI has similar technical requirements to work well but DVDFab doesn’t want to list them so they can sell more copies of their program. Depending on your hardware this program may work well or it may work poorly or not at all. Neither of my computers is low end–they are both dual processor systems with a ton of RAM running Windows 10 Professional and this program didn’t upscale video for me on either of my computers.