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So, according to emperor, simply running this program requires you to start some sort of DVDFab program, hit start within that, wait for DVDFab program to start, click launchpad? I don’t think I want a program that requires a help manual to start it each time. And after all that it will likely not run on my 7-year old PC? (Core i7 processor). And if it does, it takes a day to process a DVD? Does it let you know up front if there’s some form of copy protection that would prevent success? Any options to to select degree of improvement vs. processing time? Is this an add-on that requires other DVDFab software?

Ok, I checked their website. My graphics card and processor are listed as the MINIMUM that will work, although the card is not shown on the list of supported NVidia graphics cards. I guess that means conversion time for me will be at the long end of their claimed “8 to 30 hours”. And since my card is minimum spec but not on the supported list, does that mean it won’t work? I think it’s best to wait for program and marketing to mature, and wait until I get a new PC.

Is anyone getting good results?