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Peter Blaise

I have purchased specific instructional videos on some subscription sites e.g. Udemy, Linked-in. Other downloaders offer spotty results on these sites. Some of the videos (that I paid for) have managed to obscure the specific link needed to download. Does anyone have experience with this program in this context? I would appreciate any knowledge for these situations, that anyone can offer. Thanks.

If you can browse to see your videos using a browser, then this might work, because VCapDL is a browser, with enhanced video downloading skills.

Simply open VCapDL, it’s a browser,
then browse to the URL of where your videos are,
Sign into the web page if necessary,
VCalDL should then slowly show a list of discovered videos on the right panel,
click each video’s options – small medium, large, whatever – and choose download.

If it works, then it works,

If it fails, then ask the vendor how to get your own copies.

Or use a screen recorder to record while you watch in real-time <- web search for ones to try.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.