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Used the online installer from their website.Activated with key, worked. Is the latest version. Works easy, no hassle at all. It automatically puts in an amount of ram, according to wath you have. My case is 8.85Gb, I have 32Gb installed. Round 25%, but you can adjust to your own needs, making more or less used of your RAM. Afther 1 hour online TV: 1.14Gb used of my ram, toatal read 1Gb, 80Mb cache read, is round 7.7% LESS use of my SSD, and this will only improve, what is stated on their site. Seems to be trough, half an hour later, going up to 12,6% of reading from cache…If you check on their site, I found a for halfe price, round 14 euro to buy with upgrades.I have an new M.2 SSD, buth can it compare with 4.000 hz ram? No way. Being a gamer, this is heaven. And it spares my SSD. And wath I do like about the development : (I do not advice as general,nor do they) With OS on an old (slow)disk , you even can put your RAM for this program on an real SSd, even on a grafik card.Nuts (My USB’s never lasted long if using them as RAM), but making a difference in the last sprint in a game? You bet. So to Dave,Sit back, relax and enjoy, you go from rocket to primitive warp. And to everybody else, grab it, it is a gem. And thanks Ashraf and staf, this is why I keep coming back