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I’m slightly familiar with VovSoft (may have some other programs of theirs ?), though not familiar with this particular app — and hope that it is good. I’ve definitely had the need from time to time for capturing ALL of a webpage, in a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) fashion. To that end I sampled the trial version of a program called FireShot, and was impressed enough with it to purchase the license for their upgrade to FireShot Pro. That one installs as a browser extension, with compatible versions for a number of browsers. So far, there has not been any *complete* capture I’ve attempted that FS Pro has failed to pull off, and to a very satisfactory result. Various other potential solutions that I’d tried had not been as effective or thorough. The ‘Saves’ have mostly been to PDF, although other options are available. I’d probably give this one a try also, if only for the sake of comparison.