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Peter Blaise

What, no copy-and-paste a URL to ‘capture’?

How do I tell this what web page to open and save?

Is this really incapable of browsing on it’s own?

So … I have to create a, what, text file with a URL in it then load that, just to get a URL to see and maybe save?

Are we alpha testers? This isn’t even beta level – how can a web page grabber not have a place to enter a URL and browse to help us get the page ‘just so’ before capture?

How do I tell this what shape and size to save to – letter portrait, 1/2 inch margins, larger or smaller text, do not cut lines at page transitions, fit images to one page, endless down like Opera does … ?

I just want a properly formatted capture with active links, a PDF is preferred because it is nailed down as a presentation, but an HTML would also be acceptable if it did not misformat when re-opened.

I tried to grab a Gitlab page, it took forever to finally fail.

The free Opera browser saves a web page as an active PDF, I’ll do that.

Thanks anyway, Ashraf and Vovsoft.