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Downloaded, installed, and activated as instructed, and working.
After the program is activated, the default screen offers several options, such as Reports, Rules, Settings in a vertical line on the left. Clicking on each will display a different set of options on the right (large panels instead of small buttons).
The default is Reports on the left, and the first panel on the right is “Applications,” then “Websites,” “Computer Time,” and “Alerts.”

Since Applications has a number, I clicked on the Applications button.

The display opens another panel that has four tabs named the same as the panel choices just listed (“Applications,” then “Websites,” “Computer Time,” and “Alerts.”). A list of applications are displayed in a list below along with an icon, and it looks like they are listed by amount of CPU time they have used (largest at the top).

In the data list displayed below, the first entry is for the HT System Administrator itself, labeled as wmime. What was surprising is that the icon is NOT for HT Systems Administrator, but for my editor, which is the next entry in the list, but my editor entry does not have the editor’s icon; instead, it is the folder icon associated with Windows Explorer, which is the next in the list. After a few moments, my browser was added to the list at the top, but it has some other application’s icon as well.

Somehow the developer is one off in some index indicating which icon to display.