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The SoS page advertises the program being offered is for a six-month license, however, during the steps to get a license, the final panel of getting a license key says it is a three-month license: “Check your inbox in a few minutes, then activate your three free month of PPTube.”

Which is it? A three-month license or a six-month license?

The program is advertised as $60 but on the developer’s website on the Pricing page, there is no $60 price shown, however, there is a $9.95 for a single month plan. That amount times 6 equates roughly to around $60 ($59.70). This at least suggests the license is a six-month license (not a three-month license).

When the e-mail arrives with a license key, there is also a link to download the setup file. Of course, by this time most users will have already downloaded the SoS setup file. That file from the developer’s website is a different size than the file from SoS. Checking the Properties shows that the SoS version is 7.0.4. The one from the developer’s website is 7.0.5.

If the program is installed using the SoS setup program (7.0.4), immediately, there is a dialog stating that a new version is available and that the new version number is 7.0.5. You cannot activate the license for the 7.0.4 just installed until this dialog is closed. The dialog has the option of “Remind me Later” or “Upgrade Now.” The Terms and Conditions say that SoS users get free updates for six months, so it is OK to go ahead and install the update. After the update is downloaded, it is the same size as the one from the developer’s website that you could get by using the link in the e-mail.

If the link in the e-mail you receive is used to install, that version is 7.0.5, so the user should be up-to-date right off the bat.

Of course, after six months have passed, the program may not work for some websites as they change their methods of access to data/media.

To me, the best part of this offer is almost hidden. On the link that the users click to get a license key, scroll down to the bottom or visit the developer’s Pricing page. Notice that the Lifetime license is available for only $9.95 for Giveaway users. I think it is worth a gamble.