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Be very careful with this software, it alters some crucial setting with no warning.

It downloaded and installed easily. I wanted to look at what it can do before it did anything, so I went to the advanced settings, avoiding letting it run on auto and probably mess with the PC settings. It was already changing settings, despite me giving it no authorisation to do so. My DNS settings had been set to Quad9 ones – for IPV4 etc, but this software had already changed it to, which is for the Google DNS servers. The last thing that I want is for Google to read every IP address that I want to go to, I’m into privacy and security, not providing the people (Google) with this information who used to have a slogan that went “Don’t be evil’ then turned out to one of the most evil online businesses ever. I couldn’t connect three different paid for VPN services that I have after this software had messed with my device. There were quite a few other settings that NetOptimizer had changed, without my permission.

I was fortunate in that I had installed this using virtualisation, so I could quickly revert back to my device to its usual state and avoid NetOptimizer messing seriously with my device. I see that someone else has said that they have no internet after installing this cr*p software. I hope that they can use either a restore point or have made regular backups that they can revert to.

This software should not be released like this, so as people who cannot save their machines from its actions putting it onto their device. Why the hell is it changing settings such as those I mention above, without the user agreeing to it doing so?