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This program is named differently from their program “iCare Data Recovery Pro” offered on SoS on 2023-08-11. Therefore, I expected a “Register” button would be visible since this program is not the same. There was no Register button displayed.

In their license information, they state:
>”If you don’t see a REGISTER button, that means the program accepted your registration from a prior giveaway and is fully registered. Enjoy!”
It isn’t specific to give a program name, so it must be using the “iCare Data Recovery Pro” license.

Also not clear is, how long is the license valid for? Is it one year from the install date of the “iCare Format Recovery Pro” programs or does the license expire based on the “iCare Data Recovery Pro” program? If that is the case, then it doesn’t seem fair to use those two months since installing “iCare Data Recovery Pro” on this OS.

The two programs are definitely different programs; this is version 7, but “iCare Data Recovery Pro” is version 9.0.2.