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This is not a complete report, just some observations while beginning to use Applian Video Padlock.

It works smoothly & fairly intuitively. Easy to install. For me, the activation registration was done automatically.

• For Full Encryption, set it first in ‘Settings’ before adding files to Video Padlock.
• It WILL encrypt non-video files but asks if you really want to do that. You can check a box to not ask again.
• For safety it won’t lock ‘.exe’ command files.
• After encrypting (locking), the filenames on your computer are changed to filenames like ’46-4H-3W-63-5I-64-2N-4A-43-4I.lck’ approximately 3 times longer than original but the same filesize(KB/MB). I attempted to add a file with a 70+ digit filename. It balked and said the filename exceeded the 255 limit. I shortened the filename to 4 letters+ext and it worked. The 255 limit may have been a problem with my computer/Win10 Home Ver.
• If you Unlock (return them to your computer) the date will change to the current date & time, not the original.
• If you move or delete those files, they will not open in the Video Padlock. However, the moved & encrypted files can be dragged back into the Video Padlock and then they will open as before from within Video Padlock.
• Files deleted from within the Video Padlock did not go to my Recycle Bin.

Overall, this program does what it advertises. I’ll keep it for a while. Thank you Ashraf and your Sharewareonsale.