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I’m a user since version 7 so I know the product very well
so let me tell you the following:
1) ver.13 is very old, and besides the security concerns,
it’s missing a lot of features you find in modern websites.
2) Incomedia Evolution software advertises an easy 5 steps process which is far from true.
Each ‘step’ has tons of settings to define and take weeks to develop a decent looking website,
even if you are an expert, like myself.
3) It hasn’t an easy and intuitive interface, nor WYSIWYG and it takes time to learn how to use it.
4) When you actually buy the product you get updates for 1 year and then
you need to buy a new license for future releases.

If you are serious about becoming a web designer and willing to spend time to learn this software
then you and up with a usefull product, amongst other ones that are out there.
But if you just want to build a fast and easy website, then this isn’t the right product.