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As others have noted, the Audials One 2024 SOS Giveaway (Jan ’24) is indeed a “SE” (Special Edition) release. That does not mean it is “worthless,” but note that the emphasis is on Music & Podcasts as opposed to Video.
This SE version lists a large number of music and Podcast sources that are apparently available as Download Sources, but the Video section is limited to existing video files.

It does a fine job of recognizing existing A/V files – but some of its Speed in that area may be a carry-over from having Audials One (“pro”) 2023 installed on the same machine.
A good use for the SE version could be having it installed on a secondary system, where Playback was desired but not downloading (again: Music & Podcasts seem well represented).

As it stands, this is worth a look, but it won’t replace Audials One 2023. (However: this SE version DID offer an Upgrade to Audials One 2024 at $19.90, which seems a relative bargain.)