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Do I understand this is for the service only? for ~$40 is just for their connection fee for a lifetime?

Users must buy Geozilla only devices for it to work? Say tag luggage? Can’t use generic tags?

So If I buy this deal I can put it on my phone and:
I can then track my phone on my phone? (kinda useless)
I may be able to track others on my phone if they have the app on their phone and their app turned on? (If my son tuns off the app I can’t track him?)
Others, like family, may not be able to track me unless they buy a Geozilla subscription?
Others with a subscription but not family may track me? they may also ‘tag me’ with my tags or theirs? All with or without my permission?
Others may track me if they have the app and we are both required to have the app running? Or may on pull up history without needing to be in real time?
This device uses other cell phone bluetooth to relay? Or does it Geo to a satellite direct?)
If my son goes hiking out of range of a tower (or other bluetooth, active on-line device) it doesn’t work? (great in the city but sucks if you are out fishing?)
If there are no other Geozilla phones active in bluetooth range of my phone, or the tag phone or other connected to me accounts it won’t connect?
Geozilla tracks and records all client movement data? Means my data, – owner address phone CC etc. is on Geozilla’s system. Geozilla can mine and sell my data (generic or specific) as well as who I am connected to, and where I go and how long I am there.

Is it true that my history is in their computers ready to be fed into their ML, (website says they use ML) a machine learning tracking system to predict where I will go when, where I have been and when and my personal tastes? For example I like to go to TGIF every 3rd friday after work?? They can sell that predictive to TGIF if they want?

This needs clarification. Thanks, seriously ~$40 for a lifetime service is quite reasonable, so long as privacy standards are met. If not, this is suicide.