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The product description says it has features not available in the “Lite” version being offered. May still be a good product, but it’s not what’s being promised.

License key from the email worked fine for me, product installed and activated with no problems. Maybe they increased the number of licenses available for that key. Full product seems very good, this Lite version not so much: no incremental or differential backups, no multiple versions of backups, no way to restore a specific version of a file, no cloud backups.

I’ll see how well it works but so far NOTHING comes close to my combination of Genie Timeline and Macrium Reflect. I’m only looking at options because Macrium no longer supports their free version, and buying a license is very expensive. Timeline takes care of backing up important folders as they change, and stores multiple versions so I can back a few days or weeks – very handy for files that change a lot. Reflect does the heavy lifting in a hurry, doing full or incremental backups of whole partitions with ability to mount a backup and access it like another disk drive, to retrieve single files or folders and to retore a full partition if disaster strikes.