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This is VERY good software. Don’t wait. It works on HDD/SSD/USB/SDcards. Basically everything I’ve tried it on.

One thing I LOVE about it is that, unlike something like photorec, you can pause (hit “cancel”) and either just save everything it’s found up to that point or save the process itself as a file and come right back to where you left off. This is very very handy. In fact I think the devs should either change the wording (cancel to pause) or at least put a mouse-over notice box or something stating the fact. I myself when I see cancel on a process like this, often taking hours, I’m VERY hesitant to hit cancel because I don’t know if that means it’s just gonna stop and dump everything at worse or, even if it allows me to save the files up to then, or will I be able to continue instead of starting alllll over again.

TIP: You can run multiple instances at the same time. I’m currently running 3 with very little overhead.