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This looked useful and after I signed up for the two free “Clubs” I got an offer for full access to the site for $10. I signed up for that also, will likely get at least that much use out of the videos. I like that I don’t have to download a whole batch… They have a website browser where you search and download those you want to use. The demo video put me off, never more that a second or so of any video was shown but when look at the actual downloadable videos, most seem to be around 20 seconds.

Now for the questionable:
They claim the Motion Video Club has over 5000 videos in over 100 categories. I was only able to find 55 categories. And in all of those I looked at, most have from 5 to 8 videos. If I generously assume the average is 10 per category, that’s 550 videos. No where close to 5000. Similar concern for the Special Effects Club. The “huge collection” has 11 categories. The Explosions category had 28 videos. The Rain category had 22 videos. Smoke was better with 52, even if they are mostly pretty similar.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still a very good offer if you need to add snippets to spice up your videos and don’t have the time to make your own or search the web. The online catalog browser is actually very nice. -The categories help narrow the choices. I even searched the “People” category (in “Stock Footage”, not part of the deal on offer here) for things like “bridge” and “train” — those two each found a few videos of people on or by bridges or trains, most searches didn’t find anything.

I don’t understand why they need to exaggerate the content they provide, or maybe there are tricks to using their online catalog that I can’t find. Either way, these things will drive away customers. But try it out if you’re interested in video making. I think it will be fun to apply filters and layers in my video software to get, for example, blue smoke in front of green smoke, with other objects behind, between or in front of the smoke layers….