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Yesterday, I reported that the program did not start (it appeared to try but immediately closed). Today, I was able to start the program as expected. This time I wanted to register the program as explained in the SoS download page: “Download and install AceMovi and then register it with the following: (license key ommited). To register AceMovi, go to HELP -> REGISTER from within the main program window. Enjoy!” except there was no Help menu available after opening the program. I was prompted to create a project or use a previous one, but I wasn’t interested in anything other than registering the program.

When I visited the developers website, it explained how to register the program as follows: “To register AceMovi for Windows, just open the program and create a new project. Go to the “Help” on the top menu bar and then select “Register”. Enter your licensed email and registration code and click the Register button to activate it.”

Aha, the SoS instructions did not have the part about creating a new project first.

Therefore, if anyone has problems because they followed the SoS instructions, just create a new project. Register the program, then you can either continue with the new project or close the program.