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OkayFreedom is based on OpenVPN in a custom wrapper. It works, but there are several faults to be aware of:
1. It attempts to silently install tracking adware in your browser, in case you were wondering why “Jollywallet” started appearing on some web sites. Remove any OkayFreedom add-on to your browsers.
2. It installs its own always-on “launcher” service which is totally unnecessary. Make sure you change this service to Manual start and don’t leave it running after you exit OkayFreedom. If you remove it entirely OkayFreedom will attempt to restore it. Who knows what it’s actually doing since they don’t mention it.
3. It leaves Google DNS as your system DNS after exiting, so you’ll have to manually restore your correct DNS.
4. Test the location of your connection after establishing it, because you sometimes get a different country than you selected (e.g. Germany instead of USA). Unfortunately it’s not possible to select a specific city within a country.

Obviously since OkayFreedom silently installs tracking adware, they are not to be trusted, so don’t do anything confidential through OkayFreedom.