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Ashraf, and others

If you have EVER installed the Pro Version (i.e. Giveaway of the Day version from Apr 9, 2015) you will have a license file installed by that activation. This giveaway version only checks to see if a valid license file exists and the one created by the GAOTD install apparently qualifies. Therefore you will not be able to update your license unless you do the following:

1. Stop all running instances of Icecream PDF Split and Merge.
2. Navigate to (replace <USER> with your user name) “C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Icecream\Icecream PDF Split and Merge\” and rename/delete “license.lic”.
3. Now run Icecream PDF Split and Merge. Ignore the choice on the main screen that says “Upgrade to PRO”.
4. Click on “Settings” and look for “ACTIVATE PRO VERSION”. Click on it.
5. Enter/paste the license code into the box and click “ACTIVATE” after it turns green. You will get a message box that says “PRO Version activated. Thank you!”. Click “OK”. Click on “SAVE SETTINGS”.
6. You should now see “PDF Split & Merge PRO” in the top center of the main window and the “Upgrade to PRO” choice will be gone. You’re done.

The two links:

SOS (email address replaced)

and icecreamapps.com/

may actually download different files and may explain the behavior observed by Mardel53.