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Just thought I ought to point out to you (perhaps for your own protection) that perhaps you ought to have posted a disclaimer/ warning re use of this software. I appreciate it may not be illegal to advertise such a product or buy it but using it is a different matter. To use such software in this way is already illegal in the Uk/ EU if you do not inform the person that their data is being copied. As the purpose of this software is to undertake this function surreptitiously it obviously will not be formally warning the individual. In fact it happens automatically as soon as the USB stick is plugged in and in any case a verbal warning would not be sufficient. The work place is the only place where this might be legal as employers have the right to know what is happening on company PCs etc. This right and the use of monitoring is usually set out in an employees contract of service.

In a landmark ruling yesterday The European Court of Human Rights with 7 judges sitting granted employers full access to personal messages sent from company computers and smartphones and postings to sites such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Apple’s iMessage, Snapchat, Instagram and others of a similar social media nature. If it is a company device employers will be within their rights to monitor even outside of work hours. Employers do this regularly and many employees are unfortunately unaware that it is happening. Obviously employers are concerned about people surfing porn sites, disclosing company information/ policy or perhaps planning to leave. Monitoring such as this is all legal provided employees are warned in writing and as I’ve said this is generally via their contracts of employment.

It is illegal, however, to do it without notifying the individual in writing. The law is similar to that covering the use of CCTV. Notices must be posted prominently in areas which are subject to CCTV monitoring. This applies to private property also so a householder (very obligingly!!) must disclose by prominent notice that the surrounding area is under CCTV surveillance.

By the way, your contributions to giveawayoftheday.com are sadly missed! It’s not the same these days.

Kind regards