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Serious Bob

[@Serious Bob]

Your right about one thing, while it does a good job keeping things working right, after giving it a try I realized right quick it also does a terrible job allowing things to work right.

What I mean by that is exactly what you pointed out, I have 16 GB’s ram and a new PC, this software while it’s process show’s to be using roughly only about 43.5 – 44.5 MB’s of ram while idle, the software get’s it’s claws into everything you are using slowing things down significantly using the real time monitoring. Some games I play when running the real time monitoring the sound started popping when using this software and other slow downs.

So I thought, “Why not just set it up using the scheduler”, well that would be great except for the fact that if the software isn’t running “Even with real time monitoring turned off” scheduler will not work, in other words it doesn’t write the scheduled task to your task scheduler so scheduler is useless without having the software running and active.

I had high hopes for this software, but the fact that you have to have it running all the time to do anything doesn’t work for me. I prefer to have my PC Maintenance run on a schedule and not remains memory resident, so I guess I’ll stick with CCleaner and Windows built in Defrag.

If this software had Command line options to Scan & Repair I would simply add that command to my task scheduler, but it does not, after a quick view looking at the command strings the only command line options it contains that I could find were scanning only commands.

This software’s real time monitoring dampers your PC’s ability to run common other process by intruding on their working operations in real time, in my opinion, a software designed to make your PC work error free should not be the root cause of slow downs and or impede it’s working operations, it should be non-intrusive and not create issues.

Either way, this is my reviews and opinion on this software, I thought I would offer it for anyone who might find it useful.

This software has great potential, but without a non-residential task schedule & repair function it’s not for me.