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I did as requested and when I gave invalid unlock key. How can I fix this?
Download the file
The file is a ZIP; extracting zip content
Double-click the application in EasyInvoiceFiles invoice.exe extracted folder to launch the application
At the login prompt, simply click on “Login” (leave the user and password fields as it is)
You will see the Key Free Evaluation prompt; follow the instructions at the prompt and enter the 3-digit trial software key you received by e-mail
Now click on “Unlock Assessment” to proceed
Register on prompt, select “Continue to evaluate” and click “Continue”
Once you are taken to the current program window, go to Help> Register
Register on prompt, select “Buy & record,” then click “Step 2. Enter Key”
Enter supply in the Email field and enter 2719 in the Key field
Click on “Unlock” and you will immediately receive a message that says “successful registration”; click “OK”, then exit and restart the application
The next time you open it, it will be the fully registered version