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Gianni Zuma

For those who are having trouble getting their 3 digit evaluation key, here’s how to get one instantly. At the “Get Free Evaluation Key” window, instead of sending an email as instructed, in the bottom left-hand corner of the window click on where it says “Unable to get the key? try to click here.” A Easy Business Software web page will open. Enter your email address in the provided box and click on the “Get Key” button. A new web page will open with your free key on it, as well as links to a user guide and several training videos.

After I installed the program, I had the same trouble as others trying to find it. As others have said, it was not in the Start Menu or on the Desktop nor in the Programs folder. I did a search and found it in my Downloads folder. To open it, you have to double click on the “invoice.exe” file just as you did when you went through the install procedure. After clicking “Run” the same Login window will open. Leave it as is and click on “Login” and the program will finally open. To make things a little easier I sent the “invoice.exe” file to my Desktop so I don’t have to search for it. However, I can’t find an easier way to open it.