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First of all, a big thank you to SoS for this offer. MS missed a great opportunity to get more people ‘hooked’ on their products. I’ll keep the free GB storage space just in case I need it as a Windows Insider.

However, I reserve my praise for another Cloud opportunity that was offered here on SoS not so long ago – pCloud is its name. The biggest gripe I have with most Cloud applications is that the updating / syncing function rarely works in real time, without a lot of jumping through hoops. pCloud’s approach is different. First I downloaded and installed pCloud’s virtual drive on all three of my computers, each using the same name, account, and log-in data.

By logging into my single account on computer “A”, all the data (files, folders, applications, whatever) are available to me in whatever file manager I may be using. When I need to access what I’ve previously placed in the virtual pCloud Drive, I simply go to my file manager, navigate to the pCloud drive, and all the files I’ve previously placed there on computer “A” are also available on computers “B” and “C”.

Besides easy access to files in the pCloud drive, I can perform any and all file manager functions on those files. As an example, I back-up my email files once a week, with the current backup folder / file running around 1 GB in size. To copy that backup to the other computers I simply copy the backup file to the pCloud drive on my desktop. Once its been uploaded to the Cloud, I can access it from either of my other two computers, as simple as opening the file on my pCloud drive. And keeping things up to date is as simple as it can be – click the “refresh” button in your file manager, and you’re all up to date.

As far as storage space, you can get up to 20 GB of permanent storage for free (I’m at 17.5 GB). If you’re looking for a Cloud storage / application I highly recommend pCloud. pCloud.com