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Serious Bob

Thank you Ashraf & Northstone Consulting Ltd! I have tried earlier version of this software and had problems with it, all those problems seem to be fixed as of this version for Windows 10, when I tried this I was using another PC and Windows 8.1, I am now using a new PC with Windows 10.

It is important to note, on install where it ask you to reboot, you should reboot before running the software to avoid possible issues.

The description of this software says in cons : “I find it irritating that the software has to open a new window each time you click on a command.” I’m a bit confused as to this comment?

I use the context menu for zip’s & de-zip’s, you can always select “Extract Here” and it wont open a new window, it will extract the zip file to the folder you are working in, and if you select extract to “Folder Name” it will open a new window, but that window is the folder that you just extracted TO, which is really a great feature because it saves you an extra click having to enter that folder.

Really good software, Thanks again!