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E Smith

I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that Roboform Everywhere is sold as a subscription, which means paying more money every year. But I don’t think it’s very much. Something like $9.95 or some such amount.

In the distant past, before I had the Citibank and Fidelity accounts mentioned above, I had a paid version of Roboform that included free updates to new versions forever. But they no longer honor that. In the meantime, I tried Keepass and was planning to try Lastpass, but I started using Google Chrome, and it fills in a lot of passwords, and I’m trying to figure out how to make it do the rest of them. But I want to try Roboform again to see if they’ve fixed those bugs and to see if it works well at all the websites where I have accounts. I had tried it at least once in the meantime, from one of these offers, and that was when I encountered the Citibank and Fidelity bugs.