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IMO, EVERYONE should jump at this offer…. QUICK, FAST AND IN A HURRY. After you read Dennis Nelson’s (innacurate) review, please see @Vickie Rock and my replies.

— Roboform does not store your Master Password on its servers, so even if they are hacked, your data is not at risk.
— Your Master Password is never even sent in-the-clear to Roboform. It is encrypted on your computer, sent to Roboform’s servers over SSL where it is used to generate ANOTHER, random, encrypted string that is used during your session. [NOTE: There is a relatively new protocol, SSLv3, being used on the Internet. This has several vulnerabilities and is not as secure as SSLv2. I recommend that you disable its use it in whatever browser(s) you use,and not just for password managers. Many applications make its use available for convenience and compatability, including Roboform.]
— After the one-year license expires, you can continue to use the application on your desk/laptops and portable devices but you WILL NOT be able to sync with Roboform’s (cloud) servers or your devices with each other automatically. (There is cumbersome way to do it manually.) However, the annual renewal is cheap and anyway, more likely than not, SoS –and others– will have another giveaway before the year is out.

@Serious Bob – The “Print List” suggestion is good but, after Version 7.1, will not work to import the data into another managerfor exporton. It can still be done but you must “downgrade” to Version 7.1 (ONLY !), export your data by using the “Print List” option and (imortantly!) save as “HTML”. That file can then be imported into most other managers. I have never seen Roboform directly offer a discount or lifetime license. :(