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After install, the registration fields did not allow pasting for me. I had to type the registration e-mail and key manually. I am curious if that is the same for others???

Also, in the program, there were other oddities. For example, I could not paste into the search or replace fields (Ctrl+R) dialog. Instead, the paste (Ctrl+V) pasted into the document text area, which is behind the search replace dialog. At one point I did get some text to paste into the Search field, but I could not duplicate the same again (not sure what triggered it).

I also noticed that if text is selected in the body of the file being edited, that when a Right-Click is attempted, the selected text is no longer selected. The context options of Copy has nothing selected to copy.

I also noticed that the output box text can be selected, but it cannot be copied with a Ctrl+C operation.

I would like to have the editor work the same as many other programs do for closing a file. A Ctrl+F4 generally will close the selected file, but not in this program.

If the execution of a BAT file is waiting for a keystroke (in the output panel) but the file is closed, the program does not handle that situation correctly but crashes instead.

To compile a BAT file, the dialog prompts for output location. The very first time, the user has to browse to a save location. I wish that it would start at the same location as the file being editing (I would then make changes from that starting point). The selected location does remain as a starting location for subsequent writing locations.

I also wish that the default save primary file characters for the exe file started out being the same as the BAT file being edited (not the extension, just the main part).

It would also be nice to allow the user to change the default shortcut key combinations (user preferences always exist).

If the basic editing functions are improved, this could be a handy tool. I hope the next Beta version developer will consider these suggestions.