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Serious Bob

Thank you Ashraf & Large Software!!!

Installed on Windows 10 64 bit with no problems. After running a quick scan it said I had problems with some shortcuts, so I ran the repair and it deleted two shortcuts on my desktop, which was not a problem, I just recreated them again and ran the scan again and this time it didn’t delete them.

This says this is a lifetime license and if you update it you may lose your lifetime license. What I would like to know, I looked everywhere in this program and cannot find any selection to update this software or turn off automatic updates if there is such a thing with this program. I would like more information on this if anyone has any?

I ran the Magic Scan and it asked me to reboot my PC, after doing so I must say, my PC is running a lot faster than it was before.

So far I’m liking the results with this program. No problems that I have noticed thus far. Internet connection has improved also. I especially like the active X protection option.