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A bit of news: version 2.0 beta has just became publicly available. The UI is very different from 1.x, now it’s closer to Photoshop or other image editors with layers, only instead of layers here you’ve got video filters/effects, and all changes in their order and settings are immediately visible. 1.x versions were more like “aim, aim, aim, fire!” – first you collected all the filters and picked all the settings, more or less blindly, then you could run preview or start processing to see some file processed from beginning onward. In 2.0 it’s much more interactive, you open a video, apply some effects and see results immediately, jump to different places of the file to see how it looks, add more filters, enable/disable them quickly without removing from the chain (it’s like making a layer transparent in image editors), and only when you’re satisfied with the visual result you initiate full processing saving to a file. Preview in VirtualDub filters now is finally working as expected.
It’s still a beta, so some more features will appear in full release coming soon and the look might change a bit, but it’s quite functional already.