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Serious Bob

Tried to activate this using Shadow Defender as a Trial run. It worked PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

So I reset everything, and tried to activate it for REAL : “UH, I was told I can only activate this on ONE MACHINE” so the problem I have with that is, that means your gonna have to constantly be nagged if needing to reinstall it.

I guess I will stick with HerdProtect which uses the same engines and more for On Demand Scanning. Although while this is a Zemana Anti-Malware same thing out sourced program, it makes me think that they are more concerned with their dollars than customers, so I will not be purchasing this and I suggest noone else does. For the simple fact that if “ONE ACTIVATION” and your GONE apparently EVEN IF YOU BUY IT then that is not worth the BS to try and contact them, tell them what is going on and all that BS.

WAAAAAAY TOO INSTRUSIVE!!!!!!! Too many FALSE POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!! MY LEGIT LICENSE FOR THIS SAID LIKE I STATED : “WAS USED MORE THAN ONCE” so No,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I Think this company IN MY OPINION and ZEMANA which is the same thing are no good for me……..