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This looks like a really good and creative program and seems worth the time to help get over the humps.

To register an unregistered copy, look near the bottom left corner and see the outline of a key: CLICK IT and enter the info – especially the user name, which is not you, but ‘SharewareOnSale’. If you cannot type it in, copy and paste it in. If there is no outline of a key, I think that means that you’ve already succeeded in registering and you don’t need to do any more.

To get some help in getting started on this prog, put ‘AbstractCurves’ into Google – you’ll find a little, and also into YouTube or put in http://shorl.com/jejidadragryne for a short beginning intro to this program

I could be wrong, but I really do not think there is “ransomware” in it – maybe some security progs get all excited when they see anything that ends in “exe”.

If someone finds more, please submit it here.

It would have been nice to get good instructions and a few demos and examples – including if can add to a photograph – but as my wife says “pretend we’re camping – roughing it”. Good luck.