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Hello, Ashraf,

the download via hub never works. Even downloaded manually, none of the spystudio versions works.

I always have to download the files a second time and rename them, otherwise a search would give me tons of files which start with Sharewareonsale.

For you, the giveaways may be a kind of „baby“ and I am very grateful to you for offering us so many opportunities to get programs for free, but babies are usually called by their first name, not by their father’s name like in Asia or Africa. I would never be able to remember if I got a free program from „Bits du Jour“, „Windowsdeal“ or „Giveawayoftheday“.

I’m a volunteer and work 18 hours a day for refugees. You can imagine that every minute counts, and renaming and deleting files are not my favorite hobby and make my hard disk slower as I am not a specialist like you and it costs me time and money.

And Europeans are not as fond of facebook, twitter and google as Americans are. I would never log in with a facebook or twitter account which collects tons of information about me, and I don’t use google chrome either.

Please reconsider to offer the files under their original name.

A big thank you to Mr. Boss!