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I’m trying to run WINner Tweak 3 Pro in Windows 10 as admin.
Firstly, I get a panel displayed saying that a component ‘tssTaskPanel1a.ocx’ is not properly registered at ‘line 116’ and then again at ‘line 124’. This would appear to relate to an Activation panel (it’s given the name ‘WINnerTweakProSplash.FormActivate’), although the utility is displaying that it is registered to ‘Steve’ suggesting it already has been. Clicking ‘OK’ to both gets past this.

Subsequently, I get a message asking if I would like to create a system restore point (which obviously seems a good idea), although I then get a message to say ‘action cannot be completed as other application is busy’ also requesting I click ‘switch to’ to activate it. Doing so clears the message, tho it subsequently returns. At this point, it simply stays stuck in a loop, and no amount of clicking either ‘switch to’ or ‘retry’ resolves the issue. Please HELP!!!