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Adrian Miller

Just No. Unless you know what youre doing its a bad idea to use any “recovery” program that messes with the MBR.

Especially On OEM PC’s/Laptops messing with the MBR should never be done as they already have a recovery environment linked to this.

Want to create a customised recovery backup of your drive?, install all your programs and set your PC/Laptop up as you like it and then use soemthing like Macrium Reflect to image it onto an external drive, which you put in the cupboard until you need it. Storing a recovery image on an in use 24/7 spinnning disk is asking for trouble (you should always on an OEM laptop actually follow the advice to create a set of recovery DVD’s or USB key. If you use an SSD drive, its a waste of precious space to store an image on the SSD. Like i said, image to an external drive that sits in the cupbaord until you need it.