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Ivan Taylor

I have try taking advantage of this giveaway but do not know if I have unlocked the Pro version. I went to the App Store page and installed the app. After installation, I launched the app and went to the preferences menu option. Next I selected the Purchase button. English is my default language.

What comes up next is a dialog box with nothing but jibberish. All text is little boxes with a “A” in it. These show up all over the entire dialog box. They even appear on the various buttons.

One box, almost at the bottom on the right, is blank. I assumed it might be a place to enter my email address. I entered my email address but was unsure which button to press. The far button is highlighted by default. I press that one but it looked like it was a Cancel button. I tried again but pressed the button to the left of the last one. It looked like it did something, but I don’t know what.

I don’t know how I can check whether I am using the Pro version or not. Can you provide any help with what needs to be entered, where it needs to be entered and which button to press to take advantage of the Pro offer? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.