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I downloaded and used Eassos to backup my system…when it completed and booted back up I had a black screen with an Eassos Technology Co blue screen inside of it….inside of this was the Eassos System Restore box……..Home Back & Stop were the only 3 options at the bottom of box… It wasn’t running so the Stop Option was of no use…but It will not allow me to get to my Desktop, not there or anyplace on my computer ! ? I can’t close it….nothing…when I re-booted my machine it came back to the same thing…..I downloaded it two days ago but now in the bottom of the Eassos System Restore box it says “Version” in the bottom left and “0 Trial Days Left ” in the bottom right corner….my trial period has ended in 2 days ? I entered the activation information as usual when I first downloaded. I want to get my computer back ! ! ? This is insane !