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Thanks Ashraf and Qiling. I give this a try and really wanted to use this, but I had too many problems and had to remove it.

I am using Windows 10 newest updated version 64bit. I am aware of the digital certificate enforcement issues with certain softwares. So in order to install and give this software a try I had to first disable “Secure Boot” and secondly temporarily turn of the digital certificate enforcement.

Everything installed fine, and I ran the software. First thing I did was make a USB bootable flash drive. I turned off my PC and loaded up QiLing Disk Master Pro from the USB drive. I attempted to make a backup and immediately got an error saying that something was not active – “I did not uncheck the VSS Option” which I am assuming that is what the error was since I was loading the software from boot. So I rebooted my PC and loaded up Windows 10, at this point everytime I run the software the icon appears and then disappears and will not run, so I had not choice but to uninstall it.

I have tried earlier versions of this software on an older PC using Vista and it seemed to work great, so I guess this is an issue with Windows 10 latest version and compatibility perhaps? I hope they get this problem solved, I would like to give this another try in the future.

Also, just a recommendation and or request, it would be nice if Qiling were to offer just the “Ram Disk” software as a standalone product only.