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Adobe digital photography training inquiry
I do not understand this offer.
The offer is for a bundle of four courses. The terms are that you can only take two courses at the same time. All The courses are offered at the same time of day. All four courses are offered only on two sets of dates. Therefore, the most courses that you could take is two. Purchasing four courses is meaningless! We have to select two of the four. Why are you offering four?
Furthermore, is going to be difficult to be available at the times. They are recorded and available afterwards that someone alleviates this problem. However, that is an insignificant accommodation because after the last session, they are only available for 12 days. 12 days is totally unacceptable!
The sessions are said to be video streams. There are no terms regarding whether are not you can record these video streams. This, of course, would allow you to take the courses when you have the opportunity and also to review the courses. This makes the courses worthwhile. I like to have a record of what I do. I like to annotate my materials; this makes them much more useful; and easier to find information. You later, you can review the materials . Because there is no prohibition stated, I assume that I can record unless I hear differently from you.
The offer says that you will get a diploma. However; it omits the fact that you have to pay a fee to obtain a diploma. This constitutes a misrepresentation!
Please respond! Thank you for your assistance. EJS.