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I installed successfully the program with the instructionsgiven by Ashraf to try it out as a personal organiser, however my impression of the user interface was more like an Access database quite old-fashioned and a mention of visual Basic 5 library missing during Installation that did not affect the installation and decided that it is not fitting MY intended use.

It seems that there is NO uninstall record! now that I want to uninstall it however!!! During Installation I chose another Folder and not the default hidden user folder. There there is an uninstaller but it Fails miserably saying “could not open install.log, a file that is in the folder anyway.
The shortcut of the program points to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sagekey Software\Start_Task_Manager.exe” /excl /runtime /profile “Task Manager 20-20” /wrkgrp “C:\Program Files (x86)\Task Manager 20-20\Tmgroup.mdw” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Task Manager 20-20\Task Manager.mde” /cmd scr
It seems that uninstallation will give me a headache, and I strongly recommend that you install this program ONLY with an Installation Monitoring Software if you want to avoid all these troubles…