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Thank you, but I believe it must be activated and registered because when I select “HELP” I see as an option “DEACTIVATE COMPUTER”. I don’t see any reason that would not be there unless it was activated. Or am I wrong? Also, I did receive an email from your site today. Never received any type of license code or anything like that. So I am assuming that this is a “Time limited install only”, which is okay. I just wish it would be more informative on such things. A lot of times I see “Lifetime License with no updates” but it doesn’t say “So long as you don’t install it more than once or in the future”.

I like this software, I have tons of suggestions. You asked for my name and Email, but I am not going to share that information here on this site for everyone or who knows to see it, if you are a partner with Shareware on Sale you should be able to email me based on posting information. If not then Ashraf really needs to fix that “EXCLUSIVE OFFER” add he keeps running.

Thank you and have a nice day…