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I have been using this program for several days. I downloaded it from another website.It would probably be more accurate to say I have tried using this program for several days. The user interface is quite confusing. The menubar has three buttons each saying the same thing: “more details”. There is nothing to set apart the different functions of each of the buttons. There is no further description of what each button when pushed will view. The buttons do reveal more details of the selected Wi-Fi connection. The “more details” buttons do reveal additional details you just do not know what those details are going to be until you push the button. The only other thing on the menu bar is the “file menu” which only allows you to exit program.

This program is in bad need of a help file. I have not found a reference to a help file within the program or online. The only reason that I have not deleted this program is I have the hope that someone else will discover more about the program and post their discovery. As it is, on my computer this program is destined for the “Recycle Bin”.