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Smart DNS Proxy

[@Glen] This promo includes 183 days of free FULL service including Smart DNS, FullVPN and SmartVPN network access. No device limits!

We have over 10K+ users signed up to this promo now.

This upgrade link will only work for new accounts. If you have already created an account in our system, it won’t get upgraded. You will need to logout from your account and get the promo from a different browser (your browser might be keeping your old account cache), and create a new account with a new email address. That’s it.

If you are still troubling please open a ticket to our support team.

We have average response time less than 1 hour.

PS. We noticed the introductory page on sharewareonsale has an old ended promo link which might have caused you this issue if you have clicked on it before getting the promo. In such case please use a fresh browser and click your promo link and create a new account with new email. That should do the trick and you should get your 6 month service.