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Nick H

[@Ashraf] Please, please, please stop forcing the not fit for purpose SOS download hub on users of this site. This download is 334Mbs in size, the hub waited until the last Mb to inform me that the download had failed. That is not the worst of it, the download took 2 and a half hours on a decent connection! It is like reliving dial-connection experiences from the last century. The subsequent manual download completed quickly. I was doing other online activities, not heavy downloading, while the hub was screwing things up without any obvious slow speeds. I’ve fed back previously that the hub seriously puts the breaks on downloading, it was very obviously the hub that was the problem today, again.

I’ve asked repeatedly on this site for this useless piece of **** that the hub is to be killed off. Each time that I’ve tried to download a larger piece of software the hub fails, badly, it is never early on in the download, it is always near the end as was the case again today, nor does it seem to fail if the download is less than 10 Mbs.

Thanks for the offer of the DxO program, but no thanks at all for wasting my time with the hub. Kill it of please. It is only good as a wind-up!

On a positive note! I don’t know what the problems mentioned above about registering the software are, I got the code by email and activated the software without a problem. It is a shame that it took over 3 hours between initiating the download and actually using the program, thanks to the download hub.

Another negative experience – the reCAPTCHA is messing around again. It didn’t show initially, then it appeared after it had stripped out my comment, name and email address. I’ve learned to backup my comments from previous experiences with the reCAPTCHA so I only had to c&p the comment again. I’m seriously thinking about avoiding SOS, some good offers, but……..!