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Intel has two editions of True Key; one is free, and allows saving 15 passwords. The second is $19.99/year, and allows unlimited passwords (up to 10,000) (ref: TrueKey.com).

On Sharewareonsale.com, I see True Key advertised at $25.99, regular priced at $46.41, and stated as 43% off, but where does the $46.41 price come from? No where on Intel’s website regarding True Key can I find a price of $46.41.

The TrueKey product is being promoted at Sharewareonsale.com on the promotion page and the announcement links, as if it a one-time purchase (no initial mention of a subscription fee). Only when the user clicks the “Download True Key by Intel Security” link (to deals.sharewareonsale.com) do they see that it is a promotion of an annual fee, and the price of $25.99 is for a 3 year subscription. The $46.41 is not shown at all. Instead, $59.97 (3 x $19.99) is shown as the regular price. That price matches what Intel shows, so it is correct.

The percent discount shown for the $25.99 on deals.sharewareonsale.com is 56%.

The Sharewareonsale.com regular price of $46.41 should be changed to $59.97, and the discount changed to 56%.

Why are the numbers messed up, and why not promote the product initially as a discount for a subscription?