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Notes to the long processing time and hanging:

The bigger the image is, the longer it will take to process and the more resources the application will use. I would recomend starting off with a small image, say 512px x 512px (or smaller) and working your way up to see where your thresholds are.

If you want to process a larger image, for example 1920×1080 – Style will currently use all available resources to complete the job – so if your on a minimum hardware spec computer, this will hang your system and take ages. It’s still actually working away in the background, even if you can’t move the mouse – so you can leave it over night, but you won’t be able to do anything else.

For reference, a slow/old computer with 4GB of RAM really can’t handle more the 768×768 very well. Whereas with a big rig with all the bells and whistles you shouldn’t experience too much of a disruption even at 1920×1920. Above that is anybodies guess as to how long it will take.

This of course applies to video as well as it essentially processes each frame as an image – so roughly: length of video x resolution = how long it will take to render. Again I would recomend some tests at a small output size so you get the hang of it before trying anything big.

I’m currently trying to figure out better memory management for slower computers since windows hasn’t got this quite right in this case as it usually does a lot of this for you. And I hope to get updates out in the near future. But please keep in mind that your running similar software to that of a self driving car so it has a very high resource demand and is doing some very intensive calculations.