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log of my support request says it all !!!
Sylwester Today at 12:34

consistent crash on every start since the 1st time this issue has manifested itself

multiple crash logs attached

d258988c-c36f-4901-a482-2f52f8ac5a06.zip (800 KB)
7f0edb64-0047-4c06-8631-9bdca27a5de9.zip (800 KB)
b01aacbe-7704-4e45-8bff-d383be3abe21.zip (800 KB)
2bb6b20e-5fad-43c7-9639-3c93bd6602a0.zip (800 KB)
0a05fa49-f8b1-4755-ad56-e2e61c1c3afc.zip (900 KB)
546c4a67-5724-4feb-9913-caed7c8bd1bd.zip (800 KB)

Seth Today at 15:28
Hello Sylwester,

Thank you for writing. The cause of the crashing of DxO OpticsPro 9 is that this version of OpticsPro is not certified to run on Windows 10. The current version of OpticsPro, v11, is certified to work with Windows 10. We therefore recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of OpticsPro to get full compatibility with the newest version of Windows. OpticsPro 9 is certified to run on Windows Vista through Windows 8.1. You can purchase a copy of OpticsPro 11 through our website at


Thank you for contacting DxO Customer Support and please have a good week and a happy holiday season. If you should need additional assistance with other program related issues or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to use our online support system to open a new ticket.


DxO Support Team
Sylwester Today at 16:20

i have to congratulate you on this scam the its truly brilliant “give away” an old version that isn’t compatible with current windows with no warning in order to lure customer to “upgrade” to your newest version for 79 pounds.

Bravo truly ingenious So ingenious in fact that ill have to make this public on social media lol