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Disappointed. I LOVED the older version I once got here, and have since recommended it for purchase to friends who liked the results I was getting. So I was happy to “upgrade” to this later version. And I thought it was nice that when I went to install, it found the location of my older version and offered to install right over it. It deactivated the old key but accepted the new one from the clipboard (copied from the download page) and I couldn’t wait to get started. But it took forever to convert a photo, compared to the old one, and it looked like it was going to keep the little square preview different from the rest when it was done, so I just went to close it out. It offered to save the file, and I figured I should just to see if it really did keep the strange square in the middle, so I said ‘yes’, assuming it would open a save-as box where I could name it and tell it where to save, but to my shock, it just saved it right over the original! I LOST MY ORIGINAL photo! A pic taken of family that cannot be duplicated, and it’s gone.

Additionally, NOWHERE does this say “pro”, not even in the file details, which, while the version shows correctly in the help, about box, in the file details still says 2015. But the big issue is that I couldn’t specify a file name and it overwrote a valued photo.