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Since no one here is replying, did you try this—the instructions on the download page say you have to create an account first (I hate this). Here are the instructions in case you somehow missed them:
To get your license key, do the following:
•If you don’t already have a free Reallusion account, click here to go to the account creation page and create a free account; you will have to confirm your email address
•Click here to go to the giveaway page, scroll down to the bottom, and and click the LOGIN YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT TO GET YOUR SERIAL NUMBER button; if you aren’t logged into your Reallusion account already, you will need to login
•At the next page, click the SUBMIT button and confirm you want to submit when asked
•At the next page, your license key (serial number) is given to you at the very bottom; copy it

Now download and install CrazyTalk 7. After install, run CrazyTalk 7 and register it with your license key. Enjoy!